Jeroen Reuven Bours (Dutch born)  is an award-winning advertising creative, and founder of Darling in NYC and Amsterdam. Member of the Art Directors Club of New York, The One Club, and D&AD London. Member of Netherland American Foundation and AIPAC. Board Member of Herzog Hospital, Jerusalem. Known in the advertising industry for many brand campaigns. Created the - Priceless - campaign for MasterCard, together with Joyce King Thomas at McCann. Fortune Magazine named the campaign one of the major breakthroughs of the last century (Six Teams That Changed The World - The Power Of An Idea). For over two years he worked directly with Steve Jobs on his NeXT Computer with writer Ken Segall.

Other campaigns include the - Beyond Petroleum - campaign for BP with writers David Fowler and Ken Shuldman. This campaign set off the beginning of the green messages coming from Oil Companies. Jeroen's credited with the invention and concept development of the OPEN business network; a business and creative idea that propelled the small business card at American Express into a thriving business source.

Also credited for the introduction of the Acela Train for Amtrak, the - Responsibility. What's your policy? - campaign for Liberty Mutual with writer Ernie Schenck. Clergy, faculty and grade school teachers have requested copies of the first launch commercial to show it to their congregations and students, because of its positive message of mutual responsibility.

At Hamburg Airport. Photoshoot break with Ivo von Renner.

At Hamburg Airport. Photoshoot break with Ivo von Renner.

In 2008, Jeroen started darling, a boutique agency located in NYC and Amsterdam that's based on world-class strategic thinking for start-ups and other clients. Even global clients may not have a big-agency-budget that allows them access to strategically trained creative talent. The name darling came from the playwright term; killing your darlings, which means that if you get a thought that seems like a good idea early on in the process, you kill it right away. Otherwise, you fall in love with it and prevent yourself from coming up with something even better. Darling has since helped start-ups, small, mid-size and global enterprises find creative and strategically sound ideas that last. Ideas That Last has become the three-word philosophy darling lives by. It's a challenge to come up with the right plan and idea that fits a product or service so well, it will last for a long time.

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